Dorian Jones is a speaker and content creator that focuses on making personal development easy to help you get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Growing up in the Los Angeles community of Watts and beating the odds made Dorian look at life from a very wide angle. Between gaining street smarts from his upbringing, book smarts from his schooling plus his self taught methods, Dorian has found a magnificent way to combine the two and deliver a powerful message of developing the mindset to help you overcome the odds and achieve your goals to become the success story that you dream of.
Growing up in a low-income neighborhood forced Dorian to be very observant and pay attention to things happening around him, it was a survival tactic that helped him become well-rounded. As Dorian ventured out into the world he noticed a big difference in lifestyle and living situations. Noticing this made him question the reason behind this. It led him to research the difference between people who excel in life and people who don't. In this process, Dorian got fascinated with personal development and concluded that anyone can achieve whatever they dream of as long as they go after it relentlessly. In his messaging, Dorian not only emphasizes that we are the authors of our story, and we must act as such. He shares processes and methodolgies of how to do so.
Dorian's purpose is to help millions of people who feel stuck in life become the best version of themselves. He loves making an impact on those that want more out of life, but don’t have the resources or knowledge to do so. Giving hope and inspiration to those who want more out of life than what was handed to them. Dorian is truly a selfless individual who is passionate about seeing others succeed.