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  • Dorian's words inspired me and gave me the confidence that I needed to get out of my head. His words and story is very inspiring to those who doubt themselves.


  • Dorian is all about serving others. He is a rare gem in todays crazy world. I am glad I heard Dorian speak, he helped me change my perspective on life. Thanks D, you're the man!


  • If you are looking to have a mindset shift and need an extra push to help you get on your A game, this guy is the real deal. He's genuine and personable. I love everything he stands for.


  • Uncovering Your Inner Confidence

    A lack of confidence can be the deal-breaker for whether we proceed in our efforts or not. In this talk, You’ll learn how to channel your inner confidence at your lowest moments and how to pull yourself up. I’ll share the tactics I used to overcome low self-esteem and depression.



    - Learn 5 Keys To Discover Your inner Confidence

    - Discover What To Do During Your Lowest Moments

    - Equip You With The Awareness To Identify Confidence Anchors

  • Living A Well-Balanced Life By Beating Burnout

    It’s not uncommon for us to feel overwhelmed in today's world. With this presentation, you’ll learn how to find a balance to live a healthy, balanced life.



    - Learn How To Identify And Effectively Communicate Burnout.

    - Learn To Pace Yourself And Remain Productive.

    - Develop A Healthy Work-Life Balance That’s Good For Your Overall Health.

  • From Living By Default To Design

    We only have one life and we want to love the life that we live. In this presentation, you will learn a repeatable process to achieve goals that you set. All steps are practical and can be applied right this moment. It's time you take control of your life and live one that you create for yourself and this process will help you do just that.



    - Learn My Repeatable 8-Step Process To Achieve Your Goals

    - Discover The Importacne Of Setting Sequential Goals

    - Identify Your Why That Will Keep You Going When You Feel Depleted

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